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Overview of a Cut Make and Trim or CMT factory

We are a cut make and trim factory, as are most small factories in the UK.  

Cut make and trim means that you supply us with all the fabrics, trimmings and components etc, which can include thread, rubber and elastic, and we assemble them into a finished garment - effectively you are paying for our time and the use of our machines. Unless you are looking at ordering in the tens of thousands you are unlikely to find a factory that will supply ready to wear garments (also called Fully Factored Production) based on your designs.

The cost of manufacturing is charged per individual item. So a bikini top and bikini bottom would be invoiced as two manufactured items. We don’t charge an hourly fee for manufacturing unless there are special circumstances that have been agreed in advance.


This is one of the most misunderstood parts of our business.  It is very labour intensive and can take up over 50% of the total time it takes to manufacture an order if the quantities on the order are not correct.  Small orders we cut in-house and larger orders we sub-contract to a specialist garment cutting company (generally over 1,000 pieces). Orders must be in what are called lay quantities so the cutting can be as efficient as possible and helps minimise fabric wastage.  

Some clients do a call-off cut. This means that we do a large cut covering a whole range of colours, styles and sizes. These are then stored and the client calls them off for manufacture on a regular basis. This has two main advantages. The cost of manufacture is far less and small regular orders can be made up much quicker. The main con for the client is that once the fabric is cut eventually it has to be made into a garment or the fabric is wasted.

We often get asked about pattern placement. Small patterns are always randomly placed on a garment within certain criteria i.e. stripes must be vertical and straight. Precise placement is almost impossible to do with a machine cut and so has to be cut piece by piece by hand! If this is a must have for you then please contact us for more information about what we can and can’t do.


This is where the cut pieces are assembled into a finished garment. This can involve quite a lot of processes and different machines. It can be simple or complex depending on the garments construction.


This is the final part of the process where all the loose threads are trimmed away leaving a neat and clean garment. These are then folded and bulk packed into plain poly bags.


There is one further service we can provide on request which is “bagging and tagging” the garments and attaching hygiene stickers etc. These are charged at an extra cost which is agreed in advance depending on what is required.  Bags, tags, hygiene stickers etc are supplied to us on a free issue basis. We do have stocks of polybags and tags which, if suitable, can be used by clients at a nominal cost.