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"With Brexit coming ever closer, now is the time to think about reshoring your sewing manufacturing"
Halcyon Blue is an industrial sewing factory based in West Sussex United Kingdom. We currently do a lot of work with stretch fabric and Lycra. We are happy to consider any simple sewing work and over the years have made many different items.  

Contact us with your sewing factory enquiry

Whether you are an established brand or looking to start up in business we can help you.

Halcyon Blue Manufacturing works with clients on a confidential basis to ensure trust and security is assured. Our reputation depends on a high level of service and dedication to providing tailor-made solutions for our clients.

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We offer:

  • Many years of experience
  • Small runs
  • Large runs
  • Overflow runs
  • Sub-contract work
  • Cut, Make and Trim
  • Sampling (manufacturing clients only)
  • Post production packaging

The benefits:

  • No communication problems
  • Small orders quantities are not a problem
  • Quick turn around without lengthy delivery times
  • No exchange rate fluctuations!
  • Regular & repeat orders welcome

You can easily:

  • Visit us to discuss your needs
  • Evaluate samples
  • Quickly overcome any challenges that may occur
  • Follow the manufacturing process through to completion